The legalization of marijuana across the U.S. has proven to be a boon for numerous industry stakeholders. The cannabis sector is emerging from the shadows and establishing itself as a massive economic force.

This has spelled numerous benefits for growers, manufacturers, couriers, sellers, and users, who can now transact in the open instead of having to engage in back-alley deals. While legalization brings untold benefits to the marijuana sector, challenges remain.

The industry, still mired in fragmented processes and business practices, has yet to fully realize its potential. To catalyze this revolution, Budbo, a blockchain startup, is working on a suite of products that will help streamline the processes of the marijuana supply chain and thus, induce transparency and efficiency in the industry.

The project is headed by successful entrepreneurs and former top executives who have years of experience working in mobile t echnology, logistics, and blockchain development. Budbo is building a comprehensive blockchain-based platform with broad benefits for everyone involved in the marijuana supply chain– growers, manufacturers, suppliers, couriers, dispensaries, and users.

The Budbo Blockchain will simplify, optimize and in many cases, automate the following processes: All the data generated in the Budbo ecosystem will be recorded on blockchain, and this data can be accessed by stakeholders in the marijuana industries using the BUBO token. The BUBO token is a utility token which will serve as an API key in this ecosystem. Read more from…

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