The Consensus show floor embraced the buzzy decentralized technology with open arms; it was festooned with crypto swag and packed to the gills with companies from all over the world. We scoured the exhibition hall to find the most promising, innovative, and—in a few cases—the most bizarre blockchain startups at the show.

Propy is a blockchain startup using smart contracts for what I’ve always thought was one of their most fascinating use cases: land titling. Built on the Ethereum network, Propy is a global property marketplace with a decentralized title registry that lets users buy properties across cities in Asia, Europe, and the US.

The key here is how Propy facilitates cross-border payments while ensuring a smooth title deed transfer through the blockchain transaction. Propy currently has two pilot programs that show its global scale; one in Ukraine, and the other in Vermont.

The company has also built a transaction tool to automate all the paperwork. It’s CryptoKitties meets Fast & Furious. CryptoCarz is a multiplayer, virtual reality-enabled racing game where each car is tied to assets on the Ethereum blockchain the same way a CryptoKitty is.

Developed by gaming software startup Blockchain Studios, CryptoCarz is currently just a proof-of-concept demo where you can walk around a showroom in VR and look at some CryptoCarz. The VR game is built on Unreal, so it’ll work cross-platform with different headsets. Read more from…

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