The past year and change has truly been incredible for cryptocurrency investors. Whereas the stock market is the best creator of long-term wealth, with an average annual gain of 7%, inclusive of dividend reinvestment and adjusted for inflation, cryptocurrency gains ran circles around that average last year.

According to data at, the combined market cap of cryptocurrencies soared more than 3,300%, with some of the largest digital currencies gaining in excess of 10,000%. Think of blockchain as the infrastructure that virtual currencies are built on.

It’s the digital, distributed, and decentralized ledger responsible for logging all transactions, and doing so without the aid of a third party. The rise of blockchain from the shadows is a result of perceived flaws with the current banking system.

In particular, banks acting as middlemen during transactions, and pocketing fees in the process, are making transactions pricier for consumers and businesses. In addition, validating payments on current banking networks can take multiple days, especially if it’s sent to another country.

In the views of blockchain developers, this isn’t acceptable. Blockchain essentially aims to improve on three factors. Read more from…

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