Here is a look into how the ICO market performed in 2017, with some of the best ICOs for the year. 2017 has been one of the most historic years till now in the growth of cryptocurrencies and has provided a launchpad for this decentralized form of digital transactions to enter the mainstream.

Also, the decentralized blockchain technology infrastructure, which backs cryptocurrency, has received a lot of attention from across industries because of its future potential to revolutionize the technological world. The startup industry has benefitted hugely due to the blockchain technology, as it empowered new businesses to pitch their creative idea directly to the people and raise funds without undergoing the hassle of legal procedures and formalities.

Famously known as Initial Coin Offering (ICOs), investors would get the company’s newly issued digital tokens in exchange for Bitcoin, Ethereum or other fiat currencies. As per definition, an ICO is “A form of collective support of innovative technological projects, a type of presale and attracting of new backers through initial coin offerings to future holders in the form of blockchain-based cryptocurrencies (tokens) and digital assets.” 2017 was a great year for ICOs as the total collection surpassed over $6 billion in valuations.

Some of the ICOs outperformed by receiving huge investor funding. The report provided by  ICO Box lists some of the best ICOs of 2017 across different categories of businesses with infrastructure dominating the list.

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