Topic: Innovation The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) has told a Senate Estimates committee that it is investigating the potential of blockchain as a direct request from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. “The prime minister in fact wrote to our minister and asked us to have a look at blockchain, which kind of evolved into this particular piece of work,” DTA CDO Peter Alexander told the Senate Finance and Public Administration Legislation Committee on Monday night.

The DTA was allocated AU$700,000 under the 2018-19 federal Budget to explore the use of blockchain, but the funding is expected to cover merely the costs of staff looking into the distributed ledger technology, rather than specific projects. “We actually costed that just with the application of the team staff — so we’re absorbing that funding,” Alexander said.

“We are doing some work on it, we have a team of people who will do that work, and we costed the staff effort.” You can read this executive guide as a PDF (free registration required).

Alexander said the DTA has “quite a good experience in blockchain”, particularly from a “couple” of staff, who are expected to guide the department’s blockchain investigation. In addition to the directive being driven by Turnbull, Alexander said the DTA had been approached on multiple occasions by ministers and officers across government that were interested in the technology, as well as vendors pushing their solution.

Alexander said vendors had been spruiking the opportunities blockchain presents and “trivialising” how it could “solve every problem” the DTA had. IBM Cloud takes the win on big data Your company’s infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider is the foundation for your big data strategy and trans-global communication. Read more from…

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