The Chinese government has spent the past several weeks scrambling to respond to a vaccine safety crisis. Now, at least one government agency has turned to blockchain technology and the IoT for a solution, according to enterprise blockchain provider VeChain .

A crisis erupted for the Chinese government in July, when it came to light that hundreds of thousands of children had received faulty vaccines manufactured by a Chinese drug company. Although the Chinese government didn’t knowingly allow the distribution of unsafe vaccines, it came under fire for failing to ensure that the drug maker respected safety standards and maintained accurate data about its products.

The issue was particularly damaging for the Chinese government from a public-relations perspective because it represents the third major drug safety crisis to make headlines in the country in the past decade. It also followed similar problems related to food safety.

Blockchain Technology, IoT and Vaccine Traceability In a blog post published earlier this month, VeChain announced that it had been “tasked to achieve” a blockchain-based solution for recording data related to vaccine production in China. The blog post noted that VeChain will use “highly sensitive IoT devices” to record data during the vaccine production process and then store that data on VeChainThor, VeChain’s enterprise blockchain.

The solution ensures “the reliability of the data source” while also eliminating “the potential risks in the whole process and ensures that vaccine records are immutable and permanent,” per the company. VeChain is developing the solution in partnership with DNV GL, a Norwegian company that provides certification and business assurance services. Read more from…

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