Click the image to read our entire series. It’s time to ignore the warning that past results are no guarantee of future success, stick a wet finger into the cold winter wind and make some 2018 predictions.

(Here my predictions for 2017, if you’d like to evaluate my previous performance.) In late 2017, it seemed that every media conference had a session about artificial intelligence, how it would boost media’s revenues, trustworthiness, curation and maybe even editorial capabilities. Ad-tech companies are leading the way already, they say, employing artificial intelligence and machine learning, neural networks, deep learning, natural language processing and other related technologies.

In 2017, Google acquired at least two AI startups. Amazon and Microsoft, too, revealed major AI initiatives. Meanwhile, Facebook’s head of AI Research, Sarah Bird, lectured a NY Tech Meetup gathering last fall on ways her team was making AI easier for the platform’s less technically inclined “customers” to employ.

AI, she said, was being used to help advertisers earn more revenue, to place more relevant ads, and to improve people’s news feeds by better serving them the content they want. Facebook, she said, is working with “algorithms that can sense the world and automatically adapt.” Others are experimenting with AI to help curate media, predict upcoming hot topics, inspect video and photos for objectionable content.

Some are using AI to help mimic human interaction in chatbots and apps, including Betaworks, according to CEO John Borthwick. “A startup we’ve backed called Hugging Face is an app designed for kids and teens who want to have an experience with pet AI,” Borthwick said at a NYC Media Lab gathering. Read more from…

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