With blockchain proliferating across the globe, many countries are now claiming to be “blockchain hubs”. Usually, what is meant by this is the country intends to put an infrastructure in place which could potentially attract blockchain companies at a later date.

But there are definitely certain regions that are far ahead of the curve in terms of distributed ledger technology (DLT) and its wider integration into society. While all of the three Baltic States, including Lithuania and Latvia, can be categorized as blockchain hubs, Estonia stands out.

Estonia was testing blockchain technology before the bitcoin whitepaper was published, and it has been used in the region since 2012. In other words, before most people had even heard of it, the technology was widely used in Estonia.

Additionally, Estonia is an incorporation hub offering citizenship for anybody with its e-Residency program. A large number of ICO’s and blockchain related companies choose Estonia to launch their projects due to the regulatory environment and technologically advanced infrastructure.

Japan, with over a hundred million people, is far larger than Estonia. But it is still recognized as one of the worlds leading blockchain hubs, for multiple reasons. Read more from cryptodisrupt.com…

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