A group of panelists addresses an audience at the State of the Net Conference in January. The panel consists of (from left to right) Jason Kaplan, Hilary Swab Gawrilow, James Cross, Mercina Tillmann-Dick and Justin Herman.

As the chief operating officer of the Global Blockchain Business Council, Tillmann-Dick is in a small number of women in the blockchain space — but others hope that more women will be able to enter the field to help lessen the current gender disparity. Internet Education Foundation / CC BY 2.0 Blockchain.

At the most recent South by Southwest Conference earlier this month, it was one of the top buzzwords floating around the various pockets of conversation. A large majority of the people talking about it there, though, were men.

Even though the blockchain movement has the potential to have innumerable effects on our everyday lives, one estimate puts this new tech space at being currently 95 percent filled by men — but there are growing initiatives to bring more women into the fold. Kerry Flynn, who is a business tech reporter for Mashable, covered South by Southwest.

Although a majority of people associate blockchain with cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, she says she spoke with many aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to use the growing technology to help benefit food supply. An example could include a restaurant being able to know exactly what farm is sourcing its supply of a particular food. Read more from pri.org…

thumbnail courtesy of pri.org