Blockchain technology could soon be used for something a bit
sexier than keeping track of bitcoin transactions or the movement
of goods within corporate supply chains. Dutch startup LegalThings announced Wednesday it plans to release
an app designed to allow people to more easily give explicit and
formal consent to sex.

Through an easy-to-use interface, couples
or groups will be able to use the app, dubbed LegalFling, to enter into
binding contracts that are recorded on a blockchain, the digital
ledger technology that’s designed to save permanent records of
transactions in multiple places. The app is meant to be a “fun” solution for navigating the often
ambiguous nuances of sexual consent, said Arnold Daniels,
LegalFling’s creator and the co-founder of LegalThings’
co-founder in an email to Business Insider.

But Daniels
acknowledged it may need more work. “We want to start a dialogue and get input from those with more
expertise on this subject,” Daniels said in an email to Business

“This is a delicate subject that we’d like to get
right.” Unfortunately for Daniels and LegalFling, instead of sparking a
dialogue the app is instead drawing sharp criticism, at least
from some quarters.

LegalFling represents a “deeply flawed” effort and is a far cry
from how sexual consent should actually work, Gizmodo reporter
Melanie Ehrenkranz
wrote in a piece on her site. “A blanketed [sic] contract ahead of engaging in sexual
contact signals that consent is simply a one-time checklist,”
Ehrenkranz wrote. Read more from…

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