Commenting for Traffic on Blogs

Commenting on other blogs is one of the best ways to get targeted traffic to your website or blog. This is where you identify a blog in your niche and you make an insightful comment on a blog entry within the site.

Beyond traffic there are a few other benefits of commenting:

  • Commenting on a blog in your niche should grab the attention of the readers (then into traffic)
  • Done correctly you could build a relationship with the blogger
  • Further solidify your message and influence
  • Create some backlinks to your website

Blog Commenting Tips

One key purpose of blog commenting is to gain new readers by enticing readers another blog to visit your own blog. Here are some general tips:

  • The overall quality of the comment – ‘awesome post’ is not going to get a click. Be insightful and have opinion
  • Relevance to the topic is important. We have one comment on a large blog that get’s us at least 15 unique visits a day.
  • The top 1- 7 comments – being an early commenter – not many people read down to 30 comments
  • Keeping it current – traffic and activity is usually highest on a new post

The best practices to blog commenting

Create a list of 10 – 20 blogs that you want to follow. Put them in an RSS feed or use a tool such as comment sniper to be notified when a new post is released.

Comment as early as possible but make sure it is relevant to the post itself. Also make sure you add value to the overall conversation.

First get to know the community before you make your comments. For instance blog posts and the community at Mashable are different than blog posts on Techcrunch.

Review and Track

Every few weeks you want to go back in your website tracking software to track and review the amount of traffic or the posts that created traffic for your website.

This is a critical step, the numbers will tell you which blog posts and comments resonate with your target audience.

Also put time in your schedule to do some commenting, this helps as commenting for traffic is more a marathon approach than a one hit wonder.