Are you wondering what you or your business should do to succeed online?

I’m going to go real basic here… it starts with a strong foundation.

It starts with a centralized website that is designed and developed to convert.

I’m guessing you have heard this before and this is nothing new…

Then why do so many people and businesses fail to do this one step?

I see this about 70% of the time when I speak to a business owner or an individual about online marketing.

These days most people or small businesses have a website.

But having a website and having a website that converts are two different things.

If you talk to someone who is running a radio campaign you will typically get a long discussion of how the radio ad was developed. Designed with a clear call to action and had all the things necessary to justify the spending. This ad had been dialed in to convert.

But when I talk to someone about their website typically I find that people look at their website as a billboard.

Even if they have a blog or the website is based around a blog. It’s still the billboard approach just one of those new video LED billboards that are popping up all over.

I Could Go Into Why This Happens– But Don’t You Want the Answer?

See a website is more than just a form of advertising. Look at it as a interactive media connection to your target market.

If you have a strong foundation, a strong website that converts, then all your efforts marketing online pay off at least twice as much.

Also, keep in mind, this interactive media piece of your marketing is an evolving item. It changes as you engage, learn and interact.

We just recently changed our call to action.


A couple of reasons.

First, I didn’t like the old one all that much. The special report was great but it really didn’t give what I really feel we can deliver. The opt-in percentages were good but I know we can do much better.

Second, in working with  people marketing themselves and small businesses I’ve noticed a trend.

Most people know marketing online is a big piece of what they should be doing. They might not know how to get there but they feel it is where all the action is.

What I feel people really want are qualified leads. Plus the tips and strategies it takes to connect with their target market.

Also, generally I’ve found that people understand they should be doing it they just want it explained in a very step by step manner.

The most common questions that I realized people where asking were:

  • What technology should I be using?
  • What social networks should I be a part of?
  • How do I find people who want to do business with me or buy my product or service?
  • What short cuts can I use so this doesn’t take up all my day?

That’s just a few but that’s what we are going to start deliver.

What to do with this information?

Here are key things to ask yourself when developing a new or changing your existing website:

  • Design the website that gets to the core of your target market.
  • Design a website that has the ability to easily change design and calls to action.

Ask your self…

  • Every day I want my website to produce…?
  • When someone goes to my website they are there because…?
  • What does my target market need to see, hear, and feel visiting my website?
  • These 3 things will tell me that my website is delivering an ROI for me…1-, 2-, 3-

In the coming weeks I will be going into detail around the individual points covered in this post.

Also, I am sharing some never before secrets that I use in marketing my businesses and JV relationships online. In the upper right of this page is how you get access to these real world easy to implement secret tips and advice.

But wait… am I off base here? Is there other things that you want to know that you feel if you just had the answer– online marketing and online engagement would make a lot more sense?