There are three things that every reader who reads your personal brand story is thinking.

Are you providing a great answer to those three questions?

In the last post we spoke about how you want your story to resonate with your reader. The goal of your story should be to connect on both a emotional and logical level.

That’s why these three questions are critical. Your reader is not asking these questions out loud but he or she is internalizing them.

The three questions your story must answer to resonate with your audience is:

  • What is this story telling me?
  • Why should I care?
  • How does his story make me feel?

(I also included a bonus question below)

What is this story telling me?

Your story should tell an underlying theme. This theme should convey what the reader or prospect will get when working with you or using your service.

Let’s say you have a financial services business. Can you relay in your story of how you have learned to make secure and wise decisions to protect your money, or other aspects of your life. Do this without saying I protect your money….

When growing up I had a paper route (does that happen anymore?)… and after my first month I put all my money in the bank. The next month I did the same. After 3 months I had more cash then I ever had… then I got my first statement. On the statement was a line called interest earned. I still remember the amount today… I remember thinking if I earn this much with only 3 months of income what if I had 10 times that!

It could be a level of service. You can relate how you had a bad experience and this was the catalyst for you entering your field.

Deep below the surface people are asking themselves what your story is telling them.

How is this story making me feel?

This is often overlooked. You must create a level of emotional feeling in your story.

Have you ever been stuck in traffic? The other day I was stuck in traffic. It was stop and go and stop and go. I just thought of all the other things I could be doing. Have you been in that situation stuck in traffic? It was then and there that I decided to make a change.

Always focus on relating to your client or prospect.

If you have properly identified your market then you should now what your market wants, it’s needs. When you focus on this in your story you want to be the one who provides solutions to these needs and wants.

The reader, your prospect has to feel that you are the one to solve their problem or issue.

Why should I care?

Why should the reader care? What does your story convey about you or your service?

Who cares that you went river rafting and fell off the boat over a waterfall. Sure that probably was a life defining moment for you but what does it mean for me?

So if your sell life insurance what if you said….

I went to Colorado on a rafting experience. about 3 miles in our boat suddenly flipped and there I was heading down some rapids. I remember my head banging against a rock and suddenly I was grasping for air. Now this is going to sound crazy but do you know the one thing that came to mind just before I went to the stronger rapids… is my family taken care of. There I was clinging to life and the one thought I had in my mind is my family going to be alright.

Use the example of the story above that would then tie in emotional and logical hooks that your market needs or wants to feel.

Bonus Question: What do I need to do now?

The bonus question. What do I need to do now? This is simple… just tell your reader what to do, if that only worked.

The best way to do this is not in a pushy way but inject your personality and tie it in with the story.

You want your story to create a call to action in your readers mind. So build your story that it is leading to this call to action in a subtle way.

If you are at all struggling with creating a unique bond and personal brand to your audience keep these questions in mind.

Make it relevant, stay focused and every step of the way in your brand story ask yourself these 4 questions.

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