Ok, you have experienced some success. Now it’s time for you to use that success to catapult  your current attention from clients, prospects, and  customers into even more success.

I’m going to give you an insider tip that, once you understand and implement it, will create endless leads for you and your business.

This one tip is to concentrate  your efforts on niche branding.

Niche Branding

Today, niche branding plays a large role in the success of almost any small or large business, both offline or online. A brand is one of the most important (yet intangible) assets that any company can possess. Without a brand, buyers and audiences will usually ignore your business and your offer in favor of better-known brands, which they believe will deliver proven, reliable results.

Niche branding, also called narrow branding, is connecting with your audience (customers and prospects) in a targeted way that focuses on their needs and circumstances, not on you or your product. At first, this may seem counter-intuitive, but don’t worry. It does not veer away from brand identity. Rather, it embraces the positive qualities of the brand, sharing them in more detail with select customers.

People in subgroups behave in similar ways. In general, when we don’t know where to go, we go where everyone else goes. As global markets tighten, niche markets offer unlimited ability to dominate by taking advantage of this behavior.

It is important to keep in mind that, while branding is about you–it’s really NOT about you. It’s about your niche and the people in it. It’s about the way your market, prospects, and customers view and perceive you.

You have the ability to define, influence, and have some control over this perception, and that starts by understanding today’s consumers.

Your New Consumer

Today’s consumers are savvier, more informed, and better connected than ever before. They share information, express their opinions, and influence one another’s decisions in ways that traditional mass media can’t comprehend or market to effectively.

To succeed, brands must be adaptable and constructed around the lives of consumers. They can’t present themselves in a single, unswerving way anymore. They need to focus on individual target audiences, whose needs and desires drive the promises, the individual elements, and even the visual language behind the brand.

Niche branding understands this. It starts with conventional segmentation of the market, breaking down consumers by groups that share common lifestyles and interests. Then, it completely re-imagines every aspect of the brand—the brand experience, product mix, usability, distribution, content, and media—as though the entire brand was originally conceived and built for each consumer segment.

The Core Strategy

Before launching headlong into this, you should be aware, niche brand building will take a concerted effort from  your company. You must focus your mind on the needs and wants of your different markets, NOT necessarily on the needs of you or your company.

Frame your Brand – While planning your niche brand, you must keep in mind some important things about your business. These are:

  • Who is your target client, prospect, or customer?
  • How will you be introduced to or approach these people?
  • What are their biggest burdens and the problems they face?
  • How do you intend to affect these and/or how can you solve their problems?
  • What makes your offer better than your competitor’s?

Niche Branding Advice

To find the answers to these questions, start by putting yourself in their shoes for a while and thinking just like your average prospect, client, or customer.

Once in this mindset, ask yourself what type of service or product you would like to have available to you that would relieve that burden or solve one problem that you would face as your customer. Does your product or service fill this need?

By doing this, you will quickly understand what matters most to your target audience and can adjust your message, offer, and brand accordingly.

Relationships Are the Key to Niche Branding

Once you have answered the above questions, and determined that your service or product is what your target niche market wants, it’s time to take action.

Never forget the importance of building a personal relationship with your customers. By doing this your target market will be more open to you about their wants and needs, which can be a tremendous help for you in building your niche brand.

The main purpose of niche brand building is creating a lasting impression on your target market. Building a brand while focusing on your niche does take some time. However, given effort and focus, it will develop you as a name in your niche. Soon, those in your target niche will recognize you and your company as an respected authority.

This is when you will start to see the residual effects from all your effort. Those in your target niche will begin directing all of their contacts in your direction, and you and your company will begin to garner attention without even trying.