you-brand-guys-175Here’s five quick tips on maintaining your personal brand.

Define your Objective – Before you do anything, sit down and determine what you are trying to accomplish.

You should always start here, your objective on who you are, what your touchstone is, and who your target market is. Define your best customer or prospect and get into their wants and needs.

Discover your Current Brand – Next you need to understand what brand you have today.

This is important. Already people know your value and work with you for a certain reason. Often times when you ask people to describe this for you you will be surprised at the answer. If your an sell insurance, very often people don’t work with you because you sell insurance. There is another value or service you provide.

Define your Messaging – Once you know what your current brand is (e.g., mid-level marketing manager) and what you want it to be (e.g., social media expert), then you can begin to define your messaging.

You must also keep in mind that your messaging must be authentic. It must also speak directly to the heart of your target market. Keep in mind that your prospect or customer doesn’t typically want what you are selling they want the result of what you are selling.

Choose your Tools – There are an overwhelming number of tools at your disposal to begin to brand yourself.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing tools is to ask yourself if this is where you target market can be found? Does your customer or prospect interact in this network or with this tool? With a little bit of effort you can find the right places that get right to the heart of the market you are targeting.

I would highly recommend every tool listed in the post as a must for anybody looking to start building a personal brand.

Implement your Plan – Now that you have defined your objective, messaging and tools, it is time to implement.

Implementation isn’t an official ribbon cutting exercise. Get started now. In fact your plan will change often in the first few phases. It will change even more as you build your foundation and start to engage and interact.

Choose your Tools – There are an overwhelming number of tools at your disposal to begin to brand yourself.