pillars-of-communicationTraits of leadership communications reflect:
Personal branding, just like any other type of branding is a compound of your actions. The better these actions are tied to each other, the more consistent your image/brand is.

There are three pillars of leadership communication that all messaging for brand building must have, those are significance, values, and consistency.


Craft your communication to contain messages about big issues that reflect present and future of your market. These must be relevant to your markets concerns and desires. Go to the heart of your market, figure out what your prospects or clients find most significant.

There are four great questions to ask yourself when crafting your communications for significance.

  1. Who you are and why they should care
  2. What you have and why it matter to them and why is relevant to them
  3. What are you offering me
  4. Why their life will be meaningless without your or your product (okay not meaningless but you get the point)


Your messaging must reflect the vision, mission, and culture of the market. Each market has it’s own vision. Each market has it’s own buzzwords and subculture. You must be heavily invested in this subculture and understand how your prospects and customers view their daily mission and vision of life. Your messages must exemplify their stated values and behaviors.

Your messaging should always affirm your markets vision and culture. An effective communication plan will drive towards transformational movement of ideas, concepts, and betterment of both your market place but other leaders within your space.


Your market is looking for consistency. The ability to stay the course, on track and maintaining a solid vision forward demonstrates leadership confidence and control.

You must be consistent. Your messages must occur with regularity and frequency. When brand building one of the keys to success is communicating with your market on a regular basis.

You must be consistent in your messaging and positioning.  Effective positioning is relaying the same message in concise and very consistent manner.

A leader who is consistent is not chasing the latest fad of the market. Your target market will not know what to expect from you if you are chasing whatever you can make money on, because it speaks of insecurity and desperation.

Three Questions to Ask

When crafting your personal branding marketing plan and creating your messaging and positioning remember these three pillars.

  • Is this significant to my market or prospect?
  • Does this exemplify my markets or prospects values and expectations?
  • Am I being consistent to my messaging, positioning, and what my market expects?