Brand Story - powerful stuff to connect with your target market

There are a few terms that we generate a lot of traffic from. One of those is our series of posts on creating or crafting a brand story. This plays well for both companies and people working on a personal branding effort. Here is a collection of some of our best posts on how or the elements of a great story when talking about your brand…

Brand Story – How to Kill Boring Sales Copy

Stories are powerful because for thousands of years we have wanted to be entertained. We used to tell these stories around the campfire. Now the TV and the internet is the campfire for most of us. Each night 100’s of stories are told, some real and some imagined.

How to Create Your Personal Brand Story

Are you unsure of where to start to create a unique personal brand? There is one fool proof way to create a completely original foundation for your brand. Simply start with building your personal story. Your story of how you got to where you are in your life, your profession, or the place you hold in this world.

3 Questions Your Brand Story Must Answer

These three questions are what is this story telling me, why should I care, and how does this story make me feel? We go in-depth in this post and cover each item plus give a bonus item as well. We also talk a little about how to craft a story with a plot, beginning, middle, and end. Questions to Answer in Your Brand Story.

How to Create Your Personal Brand Touchstone

Do you want to launch your personal brand into the stratosphere? There is one thing you can do to catapult your brand building to the next level. This one essential key is to define and illuminate your personal brand touchstone.