Have you ever wondered what is working in digital marketing? What strategies and tactics are really worth it? What things you should be or could be doing to increase sales, leads and prospects?

Today we are starting a new series/show/podcast here at You Brand, Inc. titled…. well we don’t have a name quite yet. A friend of mine Robert Dempsey (LifeOfTheFreelancer.com and Online Entrepreneur Site) and I will be doing a new audio program/podcast every couple of days.

This show will rock…

We Will Discuss Digital Marketing Tips

This show will focus on what we are doing in new media to create income. We will also share what things we are currently testing. We envision that this will be a discussion that is ad-hoc and will cover the latest and greatest marketing tactics out there.

For instance just this last week here at You Brand, Inc. we’ve started a social marketing campaign (in a new soon to be named network), mobile marketing with a new mobile feature, PPV campaigns, and a few other strategies I’m sure Robert and I will be discussing shortly.

Why Are We Doing This?

Both Robert and I work with clients helping them create sales or an income through digital marketing. In the past few months we have noticed a trend in questions and frustration. Questions such as… what should I do or what are the options for me? Frustrations such as what should I focus on, what is working now, and how do I pivot from where I’m currently at?

You can look at the show and the content we are creating as a digital marketing case study.

Most of the show will not be beginner level content. We did this intentionally. We feel there is enough of that stuff out there. If you want to know about SEO, link building, or even social media tips and marketing that is easy to find. What is harder to find is the stuff we are going to talk about.

What Do We Cover in the First Show?

We spend a little more time on setup than we will in shows hereafter:

  • Background on both Robert and myself (first 15 minutes).
  • The latest Google change (panda) and what it means for business and traffic. We talk about some concerns that we have heard and our thoughts on how these will eventually settle down.
  • The answer to any Google algorithm change… great content. We talk about what makes great content and how most of the people getting slapped relied on lazy or gaming the system tactics.
  • What is the first thing someone should do looking to pivot their digital marketing strategy? Robert gives an awesome lead in to my answer on this. Discovery to positioning.

We cover a whole lot more as the show is 45 minutes long… future shows will be much shorter… probably 5-20 minutes.

What to Do Now

First listen to the show. Then please share if you find it valuable. Finally and most importantly it is to take action. A great marketer executes. When you execute you learn what works and what doesn’t. You also get insight that others in your market simply don’t have. So after you listen please take our tips and put into practice in your own business.