Posted by Contributor on 12/18/17 • Categorized as Professionalisms

by Brent Proulx, Talent Plus Leadership and Management Consultant

There is nothing more important for the long-term health and success of your business than to ensure you have the right employees to help you succeed. Retaining good employees alone is not enough, a good leader needs to learn how to engage with their best employees by nurturing, motivating, recognising and rewarding them.

Here are 17 ways to keep your great employees engaged and help them continue to out-perform everyone else! The great Jon Gordon tweeted this: “Just about every organization has a mission statement.

But how many have people who are on a mission?” Truth be told, if you hire people for whom their work is a calling or who are on a mission to do great things, engagement in the work comes naturally. This does not, however, alleviate the need for the other items on this list.

In fact, if someone is on a mission, the other 16 points are even more important. Every manager has done it – you get frustrated at the lack of great candidates and hire the best of what you got, which turns out to be someone who is mediocre. Read more from…

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