I’m about to bring my riding lawnmower all up in your flower garden.

Look you’ve been sitting there day after day watering your flowers. They look great, fantastic even, they are in full bloom. Heck, the neighbor kid tries to sneak into your yard to take a few to give to his Mom.

I get it, you want to stop and smell the roses. The problem is the roses your smelling aren’t going to make through this next season, there is a deep freeze coming and there’s nothing you can do about it.

See there’s another problem with those roses you’re smelling, they are really from 2 years ago and you haven’t realized it yet.

Hey, I’m not sitting in a glass house here throwing bricks, I fall into this flower smelling trap as well. But unlike my local weather person I can predict the storm that’s about to hit.

Why? Quite simply the world is changing at a rapid pace. In the old world you didn’t have to be nimble, think on your feet or even think years ahead. Okay, certain people did but not everybody, they could pretty much get by. But now if you want any measure of success you must be forward thinking– you can no longer be complacent in any part of your business.

Now you might say, “I already know this, tell me something I don’t know”. Sure, the change we’ve experienced so far will continue but I believe even more change will happen at rapid pace. From publishing, television, big box retailers, to even the local small business the game has changed and is going to exponentially change even more.

With globalization, the change in workforce, generational shifts, new regulations and laws, and new technology just entering the market the table is set for some interesting times. New technology, digital marketing, and social is disrupting so many industries it’s surprising anybody knows what they are doing anymore (the more people I talk with the more and more I’m convinced they really are still making up along the way).

So why am I pouring gas into the lawnmower waiting for you to leave for the day? It’s simple really, in analyzing our business, vision and what we had planned for the next few months (and year) I came to the realization that some of our thoughts were stuck from 2 years ago. But then I realized it’s not just me, I recalled a few conversations I’ve had recently with some highly successful people and realized they are in a similar place.

I have a series of upcoming posts that deal with many of these issues (and what we can do about it) but I wanted to start with a few questions to get us started:

  • Where do you see yourself in 2 years? Do you have absolute clarity about that?
  • Where do you see your industry in 2 years?
  • What will your average day look like in 2 years?
  • Are there parts of your life or your business that you’ve become relaxed or complacent (you know stopped to smell the roses)? If so, what assumptions are you making that say this “comfort state” will last?
  • Is there any part of you that is on autopilot? For instance, activities or initiatives that you do every day or week that you haven’t put under a microscope? If so, do these activities lead to results or are you operating under big assumptions?
  • How will Globalization effect your business and your industry (if it has had an impact already what other changes will it bring about)?
  • What major innovation(s) has digital, new technology, or social brought to you or your industry that you’re not either taking advantage of or actively figuring out how you can make it work for you?

Sure some pretty heavy questions there but worth seriously considering and I would also suggest writing down the answers to get absolute clarity. Once again I’ll have a few more posts over the coming weeks that delve into this a little bit deeper so please stick around.

Picture by aivo2010.