Startups, entrepreneurship and tech in Nigeria For a while now, Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom State, has been known for its near-immaculate environment. But that’s not all.

 This fast-growing city has witnessed a lot of infrastructural development in recent times, which has been largely made possible by the state government. However, the government isn’t just stopping at beautification or infrastructure and Uyo particularly has more to offer than being spruce.

There’s a tech community taking shape and it’s happening fast. Arguably, the genesis of Uyo’s tech scene dates back to 2011, with Hanson Johnson, a key player, in the picture.

Back then, nothing seemed promising about tech in the region. Even software developers then were more like lone rangers.

Hanson Johnson, founder, Start Innovation Hub There were no platforms for meetups then, no one in tech had an office. People were basically working from home. Read more from…

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