Lauren Napier ( Napier wants you to take it off—take it all off. She’s the CEO of Lauren Napier, maker of a single product: a luxury makeup-remover wipe.

Her corporate values are triple mint, even by the most conscious of consumer standards. Her 4-year-old company is not only black-owned; it’s 100 percent operated by women.

And her formula is eco-friendly on every level, with no animal testing, no toxic ingredients, and it’s entirely made in America. Cue the chorus of “I’m Every Woman.” I met Napier three years ago, when she approached me on the street outside the Makeup Show in New York City.

I thought she was going to ask me for modeling tips, but it was she who schooled me in the “the beauty of taking it all off.” She placed a simple, black foil packet in my palm with her name written on it, smiled, and said, “I’m Lauren. This is the best way to cleanse your skin.” She then hailed a cab and disappeared. Read more from…

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