After my university education and subsequent youth service, I started teaching in Kano State as a Grade II teacher. After seven years, I transferred my service to the National Assembly, or presidency then, because it was National Assembly provisional office, which was in Lagos.

I was sent there through the office of the then Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Aliyu Mohammed Jama’a. I went there on Grade Level 12.

Being the most senior officer in Lagos and being that my husband and children were in Lagos, I was left to man the Lagos office, which was giving skeletal services, because all the embassies were in Lagos then. Protocol officers from Abuja were going to Lagos to obtain visas for members and staff.

I was in Lagos for about 21 years. I got my Level 16 at the time I lost my husband in 2007.

After a year of losing my husband, I was transferred to Abuja, where I became the Deputy Clerk of Committees. After few months, I was promoted to Level 17, a Director, that was in 2010. Read more from…

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