The Young Scientists Club is dedicated to making science fun and approachable for children. Founded by designer and inventor Esther Novis, the brand introduced in 2017 its “Funtastic #robots,” series of DIY kits that enable children to build and create their very own functional robot.

Somewhat akin to Thames and Kosmos, Educational Insights and Smithsonian-licensed educational toys, the Young Scientists Club offerings focus on teaching children the fun and value learning about science and STEM. Actually, STREAM, this year, which stands for Science, #technology, Robotics, Engineering, Art, and Math.

There are currently four “Funtastic Robots”: Infra (that works via infrared/remote control technology), Sunny (that moves in natural or artificial light), Metali (that lights up and buzzes when it detects metal objects), and Hurdle (that changes direction when it senses an obstacle). The robots are easy to build, visually appealing, and intended for children ages eight and up.

The Funtastic Robot series was created by Esther Novis, who has been running summer camps in Rhode Island since 1998. At the camps, children who are science fans help playtest Novis’ experiments and act as a focus group for products she develops for retail sale.

She subsequently used feedback from her campers to determine how to label the instructions and make the robots as easy-to-use as possible. Esther Novis recently discussed her experience designing these amusing and educational toys as well as her experiences as the President of The Young Scientists Club and hopes for the future via an exclusive interview. Read more from…

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