While Kevin O’Leary is famous as an investor on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” he also takes time to develop skills you may not know about. In addition to overseeing his financial company O’Shares Investments, his private equity firm O’Leary Ventures and his “Shark Tank” businesses like Plated — a meal delivery company that sold to Albertson’s for $300 million in what O’Leary says was the largest exit in the history of the show — his resume includes a few other things.

“Photographer, guitarist, film maker, film editor, cook,” O’Leary tells CNBC Make It. “I love to do all of those things when I have time.”

For him, the pursuit of artistic passions has made him better at his day job. “In business, you need the yin and the yang,” he explains.

“You want to be a little artistic sometimes — that’s the chaos of art — and then the discipline of business. If you’re too much of any one of those you’re not creative and very often not successful.”

Photography specifically has been a passion of O’Leary’s since he was a young man. He was in the photo club while going to school at Nepean High School in Ottawa when he began developing his own photos. Read more from cnbc.com…

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