Book title: How They Started: Innovative

Nigerian Brands

Author: Kachi Ogbonna

Publisher: MiH Consulting Limited, Lagos

Year of publication: 2016

Pages: 252

Reviewer: Apeh Omede

Entrepreneurship has become a major buzz word in Nigeria, and that is not for nothing. Most of us are aware that youth unemployment has gone beyond just an economic problem to also become a social problem. The issues of pipeline vandalism, terrorism, thuggery, electoral violence, kidnapping and sectional agitations are hugely due to the fact that these young ones (majority of them graduates) are not properly engaged. Those clamouring for entrepreneurship have also come up with different approaches for tackling this, the most notable of them being skill acquisition. Kachi Ogbonna has however done something completely different. As much as he believes in entrepreneurship and skill acquisition, but in his new book, How They Started, he argues that the solution to unemployment in Nigeria must begin with a fundamental mind shift. He believes that Nigerian youths are talented enough to tap into the numerous opportunities that exist in the country, but they must first of all believe that they can. They must first accept that those opportunities are there because, according to him, no one can feature in a future that he cannot picture. Read more here…

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