Startups, entrepreneurship and tech in Nigeria Once upon a time, attending a university and graduating with a good degree was all you needed to secure a good job in Nigeria. Today, things have changed, good jobs are scarce and a university degree no longer guarantees one.

Unfortunately, universities in Nigeria are still not keeping up with this change. Even though the need to create more businesses is evident, many institutions of higher learning still focus on raising employable graduates rather than entrepreneurial ones.

So students typically get into and out of schools with the sole aim of becoming great employees — only to have their dreams shattered, more often than not. Without the necessary support systems in schools, students who become entrepreneurs have a slim chance of building truly successful businesses.

Despite these challenges, Christian Jombo, a final year student of Computer Science of the University of Uyo and founder of Heptapixels, a software company based in Uyo, secured his first million-naira deal after building an online banking solution from the scratch for a foreign bank with his all-student team. Christian Jumbo, Founder Heptapixels The successful white label banking project, which would mean a significant turnaround for their business, finally gave the students the opportunity to show their skills and find their feet in the world of IT after getting loads of recommendations.

As with many successful ventures, the road hasn’t been easy for Christian. Even with his experience as a freelance web designer before getting into the university, putting together a team of inexperienced students and operating a business for 3 years as a student hasn’t been easy at all, especially in the Nigerian school environment.

I asked him why he didn’t wait to set up his business after school: When I got to school, I realised that it wasn’t everything I dreamed of and that there were no jobs. I couldn’t imagine spending five years in school only to come out to start an endless search for jobs. Read more from…

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