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In a classroom at the Electronic Engineering Department of the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN), a lecturer teaching the theories and principles of engineering mentioned an equation and its constituent constant. A curious student wanted to know the value of that constant and how it applied in real life, he wasn’t ready for the answer.

“In Nigeria you won’t need that knowledge, you don’t use it. So we just show you the formula and you’re good to go.” That student was Tochukwu Clinton Chukwueke, engineer, inventor and founder of Clintonel Innovation Centre (CIC) and Clintonel Technologies, based in Aba, Abia state. Continue reading.

The struggles of student entrepreneurs in Nigerian universities. Once upon a time, attending a university and graduating with a good degree was all you needed to secure a good job in Nigeria.

Today, things have changed, good jobs are scarce and a university degree no longer guarantees one. As such, more students are beginning to take up entrepreneurship ahead of graduation. Read more from…

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