Many times, good SEO writing is forgotten by the traditional SEO writer. That includes forgetting about engaging and thus converting a reader to your side – whether that means list sign-ups, opt-ins, or some other action.

Sometimes, engaging copy is better than SEO. Google’s standards demand useful, quality, engaging copy over any other factor – including optimizing your content, optimizing your images, and even making sure your site is mobile-friendly.

Writing for users is more important than writing for machines and algorithms. In particular, Google relies on two acronyms to sift the high-quality content from the clunky, useless, low-quality stuff: We first learned these acronyms when Google released their Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines in 2015. Google’s human ranking evaluators use them to help determine a page’s level of quality.

These acronyms are a good indicator of what’s important to Google. It’s certainly not SEO in that top spot; it’s the user experience.

This is why you need better copy, and thus better content, that engages and converts your readers. (Learn more about E.A.T., Y.M.Y.L., and Google’s guidelines.) Try implementing any of these conversion copy techniques. Thinking of the major points in your copy as separate entities is a mistake. Read more from…

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