Instead of getting into the writing zone, your creative juices are stalled. You feel as if the balled up sheets of blue lined paper are piling up in front of you.

Hovering above your keyboard, your fingers remain frozen at the sight of the blinking cursor. I get it—Blank Screen Syndrome can choke your creativity.

When summer changes your routines, you must cope with different activities and responsibilities that compete for your attention and time. Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered so your content creation frustration doesn’t rise with the temperatures.

To fill your summer editorial calendar use these free summer content marketing titles. They’ll get your writing back on track to draft seasonally relevant content marketing, blogging, social media and/or writing projects.

How to use the Mad Libs Approach to content ideation – Visual example Take the Mad Libs approach to content idea generation and jump start your content marketing and blogging with these free titles. Mad Libs is a text-based game where words are replaced with blanks that players fill in, either on their own or as a group. Read more from…

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