53% of marketers say they have “too much to do with too little time.” Marketers have to plan campaigns that knock competitors out of the park, create content that both readers and search engines love, and hit very specific ROIs. Google search operators help to ease the tension.

Google search operators are special characters/commands that help to elevate your search capabilities beyond that of a regular search. Sometimes these are also called “advanced operators” and are useful for a myriad of tasks included SEO audits and content research.

They are productivity boosters that make marketing easier for marketers. More importantly, they can give you a look into what your competitors are doing to help you come up with better ideas.

In this blog, I’ll show you 12 Google advanced search operators to outplay your competition. Most marketers have one thing in common: They all want to get featured on high-traffic sites.

By using Google search operators, you can find more competitor content. Here are three main reasons why:  Take “Julia McCoy is” -expresswriters.com: The results contain many of the sites Julia has been mentioned on that aren’t expresswriters.com, from Magnificent Marketing to Canva, SiteProNews, HuffPost and more. Read more from blog.marketo.com…

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