By Gerri Detweiler | In: Operations, Starting a Business, Your Career It’s true that some of the best things in life are free, and it’s especially true of some of the excellent educational resources available to entrepreneurs. Case in point: There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of free email newsletters that can help you learn whatever it is you need to know to help grow your business. Here, small business owners and marketing pros share in their own words their picks for the best email newsletters for entrepreneurs—the ones they open and read every time: “Start In The South is a newsletter for startup founders who are building companies that are not in the usual hubs (San Francisco, New York, etc.).

The way you approach building a company outside of the typical tech hubs is totally different, and these guys get that. They also structure each newsletter to be as minimal a distraction as possible—busy founders don’t have time to read 20 articles.

You can read the newsletter in less than five minutes, walk away with something valuable, and still dive deeper when you want to. It’s not your typical startup fluff either; it’s specific, tactical advice to help you build and grow your business.”—Bryan Chappell, founder of Circa, a searchable library of Sketch components “Trello regularly puts out a blog newsletter, and it’s hands down one of my favorites.

While it may not necessarily be targeted only at small businesses, boy, does the advice apply to SMBs. Mainly aimed at improving focus, productivity, and organization, Trello’s blog newsletter provides well-researched methods and tools that small business owners can get big mileage out of. “Feeling overwhelmed, disorganization, and the inability to effectively delegate are problems that plague many small business owners, and who could blame them—there’s always too much to do, and too little time to do it.

Trello’s articles teach how to remain calm under pressure and to focus efforts on the tasks that really count.”—Sam Warren, director of marketing at RankPay, an SEO service that helps thousands of small businesses earn higher search rankings To receive the newsletter, sign up for a Trello account; free accounts are available. “One of my favorite small business newsletters is the one put out by the SBA. Read more from…

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