The answer is that digital storytelling taps into the same need that readers have to be transported by the power of words and images, but it also does something else. It tells the audience the ‘why’ of your business as opposed to the ‘what’, and in doing so, can help establish trust and loyalty, which, in turn, helps to drive all your other marketing goals.

If you’re not sure how to create storytelling campaigns on social media that’ll appeal to your audience on a deeper level, these three examples of brands that have done it right might help spark your creative instincts. When it first hit the market as an affordable replacement for expensive hotels, Airbnb seemed like a novelty act.

It’s since become a juggernaut, proving how much crowdsourced services work in the digital age. But Airbnb doesn’t just sell a place to stay in its social media marketing.

Instead, the company sells the sense of shared community, and the transformative experience that many hosts and guests feel when they connect with each other. Nowhere is that more evident than on the company’s ‘stories’ webpage, where Airbnb curates wonderful travel stories from around the world.

Airbnb’s stories page includes videos that bring diverse experiences around the world to life, enabling visitors to immerse themselves in everything from an adventure in Sicily, to the old-world splendor of Cuba. Now think about your own business – for example, if you’re a dentist who specializes in painless procedures, you could mount a social media campaign in which people post videos talking about their worst fears about going to a dentist. Read more from…

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