Businesses of all sizes are investing more time, resources, and money into content creation than ever before. Almost every organization that I speak with understand the potential return on investment that great content can deliver, and yet disproportionately few companies are spending anywhere near enough focus on making existing content work harder toward current and changing business goals.

What follows are my three favorite tactics that work to leverage the value of your existing content and support greater historical and existing content contribution toward your business goals. To clarify, my focus here is about getting more bang for your buck.

There are other great reads on Search Engine Journal if you are looking to solve other specific content needs (like making your content stand out from the crowd). Every piece of content that is created and added to your website needs to have a clear purpose.

However, the purpose, positioning, and pitch of content can – and likely will – change over time. Plus, there are often industry or search changes that provide new opportunities for extra visibility targeting.

High-quality content isn’t enough unless there is a valid reason for the content to exist in the first place. Common content purpose includes: Once you’re happy that the content is serving it’s intended purpose, the next action is to maximize and grow its value. Read more from…

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