Visual marketing is what we teach others, so we’re committed to always proving that it’s at the core of our brand identity. By weaving a visual thread throughout all of our messaging, we’ve developed a loyal following.

People can see for themselves that we follow through on our own intentions—and that builds trust and creates curiosity. In this blog, I’ll cover which techniques work well to tell your brand story and which ones are best left on the cutting room floor.

When it comes to epic brand experiences, REVOLVE is leading the charge. The e-commerce brand travels around with ultra-popular models and influencers and throws insane parties at glamorous locales like the Hamptons.

The brand also dominates the Coachella music festival, which has become a competitive event for companies fighting to give away the best swag and sponsor the biggest acts. From flying New York-based celebrities like A$AP Ferg and Danielle Bernstein to the event via private jet to co-hosting a brunch with Nicole Richie, REVOLVE clearly takes the prize for brands using the hottest influencers to bolster its lifestyle brand.

Nordstrom recently launched its newest retail store, Nordstrom Local, which offers hand-pressed juices, personal styling—and no physical merchandise. Instead, its personal stylists handpick items from across the chain for specific shoppers. Read more from…

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