Consumers are obsessed with content. They’re so obsessed that they’re spending nearly one-third of their days engaging with digital content.

However, consumers aren’t just willing to engage with any old content. They require content that is personalized to them and delivered on the channel they want, at the moment they want it.

For brands, this means creating new content that’s specific to every product, every customer segment and every screen size during every step of the customer journey. It’s tricky enough keeping up with the sheer volume of content required to satisfy these content-hungry consumers.

But adding deep personalization and connecting content across channels takes it to a completely different level. And don’t forget that the content needs to be compelling, of high-quality, and authentic.

Most marketing and creative teams don’t have the bandwidth or resources to keep up with this level of content production. To me, the most effective way to achieve this is reusing content that’s already been created. Read more from…

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