Here are four recent instances of this: Google also recently asked users how to make Search Console better. And – wait for it – then implemented popular requests.

Check out this recent post from Google for further details: How listening to our users helped us build a better Search Console. Google’s free Chrome extension, Lighthouse, gives developers hints and tips on improving their sites.

Recently, Google added a new SEO component to this extension. Now Google will analyze any web page and tell you how to make it more search engine friendly.

One frequent answer is to make sure the text is big enough – weirdly not even something most SEO professionals ever considered. Get more details from Google in its blog post: SEO Audit in Lighthouse for Chrome.

The guide also devotes a section to content and includes these tips: The SEO world spends a lot of time trying to figure out what Google wants – the more you understand, the better chance you have of increasing your keyword rankings, traffic, and, ultimately, leads. Back in the day there was a gentleman at Google named Matt Cutts. Read more from…

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