I’m sure that almost every blog or article that you’ve read about Facebook’s most recent News Feed update has told you that the world is ending, and brands won’t get seen no matter how hard they try. First and foremost, please calm down.

Facebook has made similar moves over the last 10 years to encourage users to spend more time on the site. To do this, Facebook has to ensure that users are seeing content that they really care about, which is usually content from family and friends.

With this latest update, Facebook will be prioritizing posts which trigger conversations, and meaningful interactions between users. Therefore, users will start seeing more from their friends and family, and less from brands.

Since space in the News Feed is limited, this is a good thing. By turning down the volume on brands, and reinforcing a positive user experience, Facebook’s nurturing its own community so that it becomes ripe for advertising again.

Facebook has stated that they are not phasing out brand Page content from the News Feed, they’re just lessening their presence (Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said that after the change, they expect Page content to make up roughly 4% of News Feed content – down from around 5% today). It’s pretty much like growing corn – you nurture the crop until a certain point and then you harvest it. Read more from socialmediatoday.com…

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