On vacation a few years ago, I stopped at an amazing gluten-free bakery. I have an allergy, so I had to go inside and try something.

Once home and still dreaming of the delicious baked goods I’d eaten, I left a review on the bakery’s Facebook page and immediately got a response. The owner thanked me for the kind words and sent me a direct message asking for my address.

A week later, I opened my mail to find individually wrapped cookies and scones! It was such a thoughtful surprise.

The point of this story, however, isn’t to make you crave carbs, but to highlight the importance of how a brand can make you feel valued by offering an authentic and personalized experience. And for the 83.1 million millennials who represent more than one-quarter of the nation’s population, that’s exactly the kind of experience they value the most.

Millennials were born and bred on rapidly changing technology, and it’s why they gravitate towards more unconventional ways of marketing and advertising. Our four inbound marketing tips, below, will help you effectively draw in this tech-savvy group. Read more from magazine.promomarketing.com…

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