Financial & Breaking News Dave Delaney is a social media and inbound marketing consultant, author and speaker.(Photo: submitted) This is a wonderful time of the year to take a little break to spend time with your friends and family. Now that you’ve awakened from your turkey-induced food coma, you’ve probably realized (to your horror) that 2018 is looming.

Yep, it’s time to get ready. Here are five quick ideas to get yourself prepared to ring in the new year.  Take some time to yourself to reflect on where you are in your career.

Are you where you want to be yet? What’s keeping you excited?

What are you dreading? What has lead to new business, and what has kept you from this?

I recommend grabbing a notebook or pad of paper, pen and a coffee, to work on this for as long as it takes. You will quickly discover opportunities that can greatly improve next year.

Write out how much money you want to earn next year. Now break it down by quarter and again by month. Read more from…

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