Being committed to content marketing is a no-brainer requirement for success. But what may be surprising is how a small shift in commitment level can make a BIG difference in overall content marketing success.

This striking insight came from analyzing the U.K. data from our annual content marketing survey, as reported in today’s release of Content Marketing in the United Kingdom 2018: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends sponsored by Tomorrow People.

As you can see in the chart, only 5% of the “somewhat committed” report high success versus 38% of the “most committed” group. With that revelation in mind, here are five actionable insights for emulating these highly determined U.K.

content marketers. These areas are the biggest opportunities for improvement – where we observed the biggest gaps between the “somewhat” and the “extremely/very” committed content marketers.

CMI founder Joe Pulizzi believes in this concept so strongly that he once said, “If you’re not ‘all in’ with your content marketing program, you should stop.” The U.K. marketers who are the most committed are far more likely to have a documented content marketing strategy than those who are somewhat committed (58% vs. 19% – a 39-percentage-point difference). Read more from…

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