Location, location, location matters because it’s a key driver of attention, traffic and sales There’s reason that place is one of the original 4Ps of Marketing since it determines your business’s location physically and mentally in your prospect’s mind. A bad small business location causes your firm to be out of sight and out of mind for your audience.

Your small business marketing must compensate to stay visible and easy to do business with. In today’s connected world, you may think that a bad small business location matters less.

But as my Accounting professor used to say, “It depends,” because a poor location applies to your physical  and online addresses. Even if your resources are tight, don’t make your real estate decisions based solely on price.

Take time to assess other related marketing and business expenses. This article will show you how to overcome your bad small business location.

Before using these small business location tactics, take some time to assess your business location and set your key marketing basics. This will help streamline your small business marketing. Read more from heidicohen.com…

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