News, tips, and practical insights about technology for student affairs practitioners by Eric Stoller. Includes a challenge for 2018.

It’s been more than 7 years since I started blogging for Inside Higher Ed. Lately, a lot of my posts are starting to feel slightly like broken records.

Spinning the same concepts and ideas over and over again with the occasional post that steps outside of the safe lane. When it comes to learning new things, repetition can be a good thing.

There are always going to be those who are just starting out with how they use social media for digital engagement. Learning in drips and drabs, blog content can serve as useful rungs in the greater picture of scaffolded learning.

However, that can create a rather bland experience for yours truly…as well as for those who have been long-term readers. A friend recently told me that I was too busy focusing on the “tried-and-tested” rather than trying to “be bold” and provocative with my blog posts. Read more from…

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