As a panel of media platform owners sat to discuss ‘How can brands become multi-channel publishers,’ Sharat Bhattatiripad, Head of Content, Fever 104 FM, started with a sharp example. He said, “The importance of telling a story by a brand is crucial and it can have a huge difference in the life of the brand.

While there were many Indian homegrown brands like Baidyanath and Dabur, selling its products with Ayurveda solutions in the country for so many years, they never tried to tell a story. However, when Patanjali entered with the whole story of Swadeshi and anti-multinationals, people were moved by it.” The moderator of the panel, Abhimany R, conference host, CMS Asia, kept asking the speakers about various subjects like the content marketing in the world of multi-channel publishers, can brands become publishers with consistent content and the need and role of regulation.

The other speakers on the panel were Abhishek Joshi, Vice-President and Head, Marketing, Analytics and Content Syndication, Digital Business, Sony Pictures Networks; Clarinda Cerejo, Editor-in-Chief, Editage Insights and Prerna Singh, CMO, Eros International. Abhimanyu threw the forum up for Cerejo when he asked how Editage Insights has been working towards telling stories of scientists on various publishing platforms. She said, “Our core job is to provide language, editing support to the researchers and trying to find a publication.

Another part is that we have realised that not all researchers are looking for the above but they need to feel like a part of the researcher community. They are looking at learning.

We model ourselves around Babycentre, the parenting site. With research burgeoning from non-research centric countries, they are so far moved from what is happening in the west that they need to create their own platform where they could listen to others. Read more from…

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