CES 2018 featured a massive amount of breakthrough technology with flying cars, autonomous robotics, enhanced virtual reality, and new ways to explore entertainment. Over the past week major tech companies have been pitching and promoting their latest products on an international stage in Las Vegas.

We now take a look back at some of the hottest trends in technology. One of my favorite trends with robotics at CES this year was Omron’s artificial intelligence setup that had a robot able to play ping-pong with humans.

In addition, there was plenty of household robotic trends that were impressive. Sadly, the robots getting the most press are the strippers and sex toys.

In contrast the Aflac duck was the cutest robot on display. Overall, CES was able to showcase the last robotic products to consumers.

During the week long event there was plenty of news covering virtual reality equipment. One of the hottest new products was the Vive Pro by HTC Vive. Read more from crescentvale.com…

thumbnail courtesy of crescentvale.com