Let’s not forget that social media has made a positive impact on how we interact with people, how we consume interesting and timely content, and how we share important moments in our lives. However, as with everything, it isn’t without its flaws.

Simply consuming content passively, without any sort of interaction, has been shown to put people in a bad mood in just 10 minutes! On the other hand, positive interactions with friends and family — from celebrating important milestones to reminiscing on the past — can help people feel a greater sense of joy and a stronger sense of community, even if those interactions are purely digital.

While the research ultimately concluded that social media could either negatively or positively skew people’s overall sense of well-being, depending on how it’s used, social media can still do a world of good as long as it remains “social” in nature. Unfortunately, it’s become more of a catalyst for social isolation.

Here’s an extreme, yet funny take on this: It used to be all about having fun or getting the latest news of the day. Now, it’s hard to get through a day on social media without feeling like the world is falling apart.

In many ways, it’s now become an around-the-clock angry stream of consciousness —  fueled by salacious, hyperbolic, and often false click-inducing content, which is, more often than not, accompanied by an equally vile and hate-filled stream of commentary. I am no wallflower by any means –- and I have no problem joining in a spirited debate on social media –- but, let’s face it, the situation has become pretty bad. Read more from marketingland.com…

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