For SaaS and subscription companies, winning a customer is only the first step of the journey to customer lifetime value (LTV). This is why it’s imperative for B2B tech marketers to shift their focus from buying journey funnels to full-on customer lifecycle management.

However, customer acquisition is where most marketing strategies stop. The traditional funnel is focused on net-new customer acquisition as the means to drive growth.

This singular focus is a double-edged sword in recurring revenue and subscription business models. For example, if you lose five customers this month, you’d need to acquire six new customers in the same month to create growth.

This may seem doable when a company is small, but as customer volume grows, so do those requirements just to maintain a consistency in monthly recurring revenues (MRR). In this blog, I’ll cover best practices for B2B marketers to make the shift from funnel marketing to lifecycle marketing to increase ROI and help your customers stick with you for the long run.

Opportunities for churn arise throughout the customer experience. The more engaged and invested your customers become, the “stickier” the relationship. Read more from…

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