If you Google “how to make your brand stand out,” you’ll find 189 million near-identical results all with seven “sure-fire ways” on how to make your brand the next big thing. However, to find out how to really stand out, brands should look to an industry that is known for doing just that: cinema.

Three months before the film’s release, StudioCanal launched a Facebook video campaign. This included releasing countdown videos, a “how to make a marmalade sandwich” video, personalized Facebook stories camera effect and a quiz video.

StudioCanal also jumped on the live video bandwagon, generating snippets from the world premiere for Facebook Stories and using Facebook Live to stream the whole event. The production budget was $40 million and it made $237 million at the box office. In November, two weeks after the film’s release, Creative Review reported that organic content had already reached “10.6 million people with over 1 million post engagements and 5.3 million views.” StudioCanal recognized trends that worked with the film’s personality, such as camera effects, a “Guide to Being a Good Bear” and “Your Week Ahead Presented by Paddington.” Consumers want to know who they are buying from, so don’t be afraid to reveal who you are as a brand.

Marvel used video at the forefront of its campaign. Two months before the film’s release, they unleashed two short films about Thor and his roommate, Darryl, entitled Team Thor Part 1 and Part 2.

They also created Halloween-inspired food videos, a “Monday Motivation” Cate Blanchett video and a series of #ComicsNCoffee videos, where they partnered with coffee artist Michael Breach at BaristArt to design coffees with the characters faces. The production budget was $180 million and it made $854 million at the box office. Read more from adweek.com…

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