Keeping you informed of what matters: $3.95 a month for digital access Listed by owner, tenant or building name. Search engines have always been the main source of finding information on the internet, so it’s no surprise their ranking systems have driven the industry to develop websites with two audiences in mind: the end-users and search engine crawlers.

For end-users, web designers formulate content with pertinent information about a company’s products or services to entice visitors to buy, make contact or convert. For the crawlers, web designers labor to insert keyword-phrases at locations they know the crawlers scan, hoping to achieve higher rankings and more traffic.

While this old approach to keyword placement predictably drove the industry to focus on how crawlers interpret websites, the search engines have ironically changed their ranking systems focusing on how end-users experience them. That means this new paradigm will guide development trends to focus on increasing the quality of the end-user experience.

As this formula changes, companies must also change how they manage their websites. Here are my top five tips for 2018.

1. Get mobilized. Read more from…

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