Content is the king you say, it is no more a king. The digital age along with the outburst of content across all social media platforms has made it a kingdom.

A kingdom ruled by the customer – Yes, you read it right, the customer is the new king. A new study from TrackMaven says that though brands and businesses are investing their money in implementing greater and better content strategies engagement has been getting lower than ever.

This is an outcome that a simple supply-and-demand analysis could have predicted, but keeping all the reports and observations aside, a content explosion over the digital space has made customer the king. Now the customer has a choice, the power of choice.

The customer is the king who chooses what he likes among all in their content kingdom. It is their choices that determine the type of content that needs to be created.

It is their decisions and behavior that drive the whole content creation process in the content kingdom.  Like the King, the customer is in command, he does what he wants to do, his actions decide the type of content that needs to go on social media platforms because at the end of the day, what matters is their engagement and reaction to the posts published by you. Now, the customer has always been important in business but in the digital era, he rules supreme above everyone else. Read more from…

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